Space Explorers

Students here will understand the importance of space rovers & how they work. They will learn to build & code their own rovers with the help of WeDo 2.0 kit. Students will also understand the concept of all lateral movements, tilt sensor & ultrasonic sensor. They will also learn to analyze the data as needed.

Age 7-8 Years 2 hrs | 5 Days

Locations: Mumbai | Ahmedabad | Surat | Rajkot | Vadodara | Porbandar | Jamnagar

Start Date: 15th March,2020

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Course Overview

Session Model to build Duration
Day 1 Build Helicopter & Code it. 2 hrs
Day 2 Build a space rover & code it to rotate on the axis. 2 hrs
Day 3 Build a pragyan rover with tilt sensor. Make it move forward & backward with tilt sensor & collect some minerals & bring it back to base. 2 hrs
Day 4 Build R2D2 & code it to move forward & backward. 2 hrs
Day 5 Build an alien to stay on Moon & make nice movements with it`s hands & legs using the concept of gears. Option 2 is to build the rocket which can launch something. 2 hrs
Total: 10 Hrs/ 5 Days ( Monday - Friday )

Course Benifits

Certified Course

Personalized Learning

Practical Learning

Student Kit Ratio 1:1

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