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A true engineer is the one who know the importance & working principle of all 6 simple machines & it`s applications in day to day life. In this camp, students will not only learn about some of these simple machines & mechanisms but also build one real life application of the same to understand their function in detail. Students will also understand the importance of renewable energy & the basics of how it works by building their own Windmills & solar car.

Age 7-8 Years 2 hrs | 5 Days

Locations: Mumbai | Ahmedabad | Surat | Rajkot | Vadodara | Porbandar | Jamnagar

Start Date: 15th March,2020

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Course Overview

Session Model to build Duration
Day 1 Build your own load mover - motorized. Understand the application of wheel & axle as well as Lever in this model. 2 hrs
Day 2 Build your own gear racer car to understand the concept of gears. Students will also understand the importance of gear up & gear down. 2 hrs
Day 3 Build your own ropeway to understand the concept of simple machine Pulley. Also implement the concept of gears here to make it more reliable. 2 hrs
Day 4 Build your own Solar powered car & experiment with it. Understand what is solar energy & how it is used. Also check how various angles or solar panel affect the efficiency. 2 hrs
Day 5 Build your own windmill & see how it generates electricity from wind. Glow an LED using Windmill. Understand what is wind energy & how it is used. 2 hrs
Total: 10 Hrs/ 5 Days ( Monday - Friday )

Course Benifits

Certified Course

Personalized Learning

Practical Learning

Student Kit Ratio 1:1

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