EV3 with Micro Python

Students will learn the application of Python Programing Language with the help of Ev3 brain. Students will have a first hand experience of integrating real life coding with hardware & see the mesmerizing results. This will give them a moral boost to pursue AI in future - since Python is the base to AI.

Age 12+ Years 2 hrs | 5 Days

Locations: Mumbai | Ahmedabad | Surat | Rajkot | Vadodara | Porbandar | Jamnagar

Start Date: 15th March,2020

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Course Overview

Session Model to build Duration
Day 1 Install Micro python in Micro SD card & learn basic commands in Python to control Ev3 viz. Motor Rotation | EV3 brick light | syntax for Ev3, etc. 2 hrs
Day 2 Build Ev3 rover & code it to form a square. Learn how to use touch & ultrasonic sensor with Ev3 python & code it for basic applications. 2 hrs
Day 3 Learn how to use Color sensor. Build Ev3 Color Sorter. 2 hrs
Day 4 Finish Ev3 color sorter & finish it`s coding. 2 hrs
Day 5 Build EV3 robotic Arm & code it using Micro Python. 2 hrs
Total: 10 Hrs/ 5 Days ( Monday - Friday )

Course Benifits

Certified Course

Personalized Learning

Practical Learning

Student Kit Ratio 1:1

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