Bob The Builder

Students will build some breathtakingly creative Lego Models showing application of basic simple machines in day to day life! This camp will instil the passion of Science in the student in these 5 days!

Age 6+ Years 2 hrs | 5 Days

Locations: Mumbai | Jamnagar

Start Date: 15th March,2020

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Course Overview

Session Model to build Duration
Day 1 Spirograph 2 hrs
Day 2 Forklift 2 hrs
Day 3 Soccer with Playfield 2 hrs
Day 4 Motorized Bike 2 hrs
Day 5 Scissor Lift 2 hrs
Total: 10 Hrs/ 5 Days ( Monday - Friday )

Course Benifits

Certified Course

Personalized Learning

Practical Learning

Student Kit Ratio 1:1

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