Artificial Intelligence Learning

Students will understand how software integrates with hardware & we get the outcomes. Students will also learn about various concepts of AI & it`s applications in future. They will also get the first hand experience to implement AI & do basic projects.

Age 9-10 Years 2 hrs | 5 Days

Locations: Mumbai | Ahmedabad | Surat | Rajkot | Vadodara | Porbandar | Jamnagar

Start Date: 15th March,2020

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Course Overview

Session Model to build Duration
Day 1 Learn how to use Mblock programing language & how to connect cody rocky with the same. Build your first project to play with amazing display of cody rocky! 2 hrs
Day 2 Teach your cody rocky to detect various colors & produce the respective sounds - ultimately making a musical cody! 2 hrs
Day 3 Teach your cody to follow the black line using it`s inbuilt color sensors. Finish the maze as given. 2 hrs
Day 4 What is AI? How does it work? Build your own alarm clock in cody using AI. 2 hrs
Day 5 Use the prowess of AI & change the facial expression of cody based on temperatures in various cities viz. New York, London, Sydney, Singapore, Mumbai & Chennai at an interval of one minute each. 2 hrs
Total: 10 Hrs/ 5 Days ( Monday - Friday )

Course Benifits

Certified Course

Personalized Learning

Practical Learning

Student Kit Ratio 1:1

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