Robo Warriors

Team Work with fun is one of the most important skills in 21st Century! in this camp, students will work in pairs & build the most interactive robots which can play soccer or can have a suno fight! This will be the best summer time your child will ever have!

Age 10+ Years 15 Hrs | 5 Days


Model to build


Day 1

Build Basic EV3 Soccer Robot

3 hrs

Day 3

Learn Bluetooth & code it to move in all directions plus turn implement & Play Matches.

3 hrs

Day 3

Implement & Play Matches. Robot Soccer Constrcution Starts

3 hrs

Day 4

Robo Sumo Construction& Programming

3 hrs

Day 5

Matches & Parent Orientation

3 hrs

Total: 15 Hrs/ 5 Days ( Monday - Friday )

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