Mission Moon with Ev3

Students will build & code complete Chandrayan 2 Lander & Rover in this summer camp & learn to code them. Students will understand how microgravity works in space & also analyze the data on Moon & send it to the earth, giving valuable data to the scientists.

Age 10+ Years 3 hrs | 5 Days

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Key Highlights

  • Trainer led course with live instructions and interaction.
  • Child will receive certificate after completing each Level.
  • Most experienced trainers to teach your child in fun and exciting way.
  • A Great kickstart for your child in STEM education.

Skills Nurtured

  • Fine motor skills
  • Control Systems
  • Robotics

Course Overview

  • Build Vikram Lander
  • Code Vikram Lander
  • Build Pragyan Rover & start it's basic coding
  • Finish coding for Pragyan Rover
  • Code Vikram & Pragyan together.

Certificate of
course completion

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this be one on one or group learning?

Student: teacher ratio will be 1:5 in this online module.

What will my children learn in this summer camp course?

In this summer camp the children will build their 21st century skill like problem solving, logical thinking, creativity, etc through our tech courses.

What is the age group for this course? Any specific prior knowledge and skill require to join this course? Any specific requirement at my Home for joining this course?

Any student of age 6 & above or grade 1 & above can join this course. No prior knowledge is needed to join this course but basic computer knowledge, Enthusiasm to learn something new with us is appreciated. For online course you will need a laptop or desktop computer with broadband internet connection to join this course. For offline course you have to come to nearest center.

How can I enroll my children for this course?

You can enroll through our website www.robofunlab.com or contact our center head of the respective city. If you are not from these 7 cities, please call us on 8980022761.

If my child skips any online session, will s/he get the revision session?

- No. There are no makeup sessions for absent students. Coach shall brief him in 5 quick minutes on the next day about what he missed. Session recording will be provided to the student if needed.

Will my child receive certificate for this course?

If a child finishes all 3 levels of the course, s/he is entitled to get a course completion certificate from RFL.

What is your fees refund policy?

No, once you pay the fees, there shall be no refund under any circumstances. Child has to finish the course.

Will you support my child for any query after finishing this course?

– Yes, RFL is always ready to support our student for any query. You can drop us an email at info@robofunlab.com. We will assist you within 48 Hrs.

You did not find a question that you were looking for in this FAQ?

Feel free to contact your nearest center head on the number mentioned in the leaflet!

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