RFL Tinkering Kit

This course will open the gateway to the world of infinite possibilities for the child in the field of Electronics, Robotics, Coding and IoT. Children will be able to build their own circuits and curate their own IoT models by the end of this course. Students will learn to use platforms like ADAFruit, IFTTT and Pictoblox to code their Arduino and ESP32 controllers and enable any electronics, robotics as well as IoT project. Having RFL tinkering kit at home will also enable students to build projects for various school events or to develop working prototypes to solve real world problems. Enrol for this course and see your child turning from being a wanderer to a tinkerer and eventually an innovator.

Age 11 & 18 Years 50 Training Sessions

Pre requisites

  • Laptop / desktop with stable internet connection
  • Willingness to learn

Key Highlights

  • 135 Components
  • 100+ DIY Projects
  • 60+ Guided Projects
  • Live Training Sessions
  • Includes 2 guided workbook for Electronics & IoT
  • Certificate

Life Skills

  • Logical Thinking
  • Problem Solving
  • Creativity
  • Innovation

Tech Skills

  • Circuit Building
  • Board Development
  • IoT
  • Coding

Major Project Taught In This Course

  • Introduction to breadboard
  • Glowing LED in series & parallel connection
  • Store visitor counter
  • Joy of playing with joystick
  • Face detection based SMS enabled attendance system
  • Vending machine refill reminder app using IoT
  • IoT enabled automatic gas leakage detector
  • IoT enabled home security system
  • IoT enabled weather assistant
  • Smart home with Ok Google
  • Mobile controlled car
  • Many More..

Certificate of course completion


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