Product Development

Immerse yourself into the world of industrial design with this course! Students will learn about the basics of Engineering Drawing & various concepts related to it like orthographic, isometric, 2D to 3D, 3D to 2D, etc. & apply this knowledge in sketching their own models in CAD tools like CREO! Eventually, students will be capable of designing the products for their daily needs. Towards the end, students shall learn how to build the robot chassis & basic mechanisms like lifting, pick & place, etc. using CREO! This course will be prove to be extremely beneficial for the students who are willing to make their career either in engineering or in architecture.


Age 12 to 18 Years 20 Training Sessions


Age 12 to 18 Years 40 Training Sessions

Full Course

Age 12 to 18 Years 60 Training Sessions

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  • Stable Internet Connection
  • Laptop with atleast 4 GB RAM & Windows 10 operating system. If you have a MacBook, you can install the virtual machine & run windows in it.
  • Drawing book with pencils & necessary stationary.

Key Highlights

  • Trainer led course with live instructions & interaction.
  • Certificate & report card after the completion of course.
  • Experienced engineers will be conducting these sessions.
  • A great kickstart in learning CAD tools. CREO is one of the most used CAD tools in majority industries across the globe.
  • Learn to design the products which can be readily 3D printed / manufactured locally & can be used.

Skills Nurtured

  • Engineering Drawing
  • Turning ideas into reality
  • Understand the process of product development.
  • Effective use of CAD tools.

Concepts Learnt

  • Design & Thinking
  • Robot Assembly
  • Extrusion & Revolve
  • Round & Chamfer
  • 2D to 3D
  • Isometric & Orthographic Drawing
  • Types of Lines & Planes

Basic Level - Project List

  • What is Engineering Drawing & it`s importance in Engineering applications.
  • Types of Drawings
  • Introduction to sketching
  • Introduction to CREO.
  • Drawing various 2D shapes in CREO.
  • Introduction to 3D drawing. Converting 2D drawing to 3D
  • Pattern of Planes and Views
  • Methods of Drawing orthographic projections
  • Practice 3D to 2D Drawing.
  • Design & draw your own dart game.
  • Assessment Projects
  • Parents showcase with certificate & report card distribution

Advance Level - Project List

  • Practice 3D to 2D Drawing. Revision of basic.
  • Sketch a 3D object.
  • Learn about extrusion & revolve in CREO.
  • Design your favourite Lego Brick
  • Design creative water bottle
  • Design a complete Ludo Game
  • Design your own Arduino robot chassis
  • Learn to import tetrix robotics library in CREO
  • Design your first robot chassis with tetrix - a 2WD robot.
  • Design an omni wheel drive robot.
  • Design your own grabber for a challenge & fix it on omni wheel drive robot.
  • Understand the control system of this robot & design the assembly for it. Install electronics in CREO.
  • Assessment Projects
  • Parents showcase with certificate & report card distribution

Certificate of
course completion


Frequently Asked Questions

Explain about RFL online Scratch Programing Course?

RFL online Scratch Programing Course is divide in 3 Levels -Basic, Intermediate & Advance. Total Course Duration is 36 Hrs. Student can enroll for one level at a time or for the full course. Each Level is of 12 Hours. RFL coaches will teach participant student with Zoom or WebEx online platform as per batch timing.

Will this be one on one or group learning?

Student: teacher ratio will be 1:5 in this online module.

What will my children learn in this course?

Children will learn basic concepts of coding, Logic of Coding as well as online work at Home on the Projects as mentioned in the course description. Students will build their own Games & Animations that they readily play in the real life. Basic of computational thinking will be instilled in this entire course.

What is the age group for this course? Any specific prior knowledge and skill require to join this course? Any specific requirement at my Home for joining this course?

Any student of age 8 & above or grade 3 & above can join this course. Even an educator / parent can join this course! No prior knowledge is needed to join this course but basic computer knowledge, Enthusiasm to learn something new with us is appreciated. You will need a laptop or desktop computer with broadband internet connection to join this course.

How can I enroll my children for this course?

You can enroll through our website or contact our center head of the respective city. If you are not from these 7 cities, please call us on 8980022761.

What is next online course after this course for my children?

We are in process to develop new courses for this age group of students. We will keep you posted with the same in the nearest future time.

Is it possible to change the batch time / days in the middle of the course?

No, once you select date and batch time, you will not able to change your batch time for the entire course.

If my child skips any online session, will s/he get the revision session?

- No. There are no makeup sessions for absent students. Coach shall brief him in 5 quick minutes on the next day about what he missed. Session recording will be provided to the student if needed.

It is compulsory to enroll for all 3 levels at a go?

No! You can enroll your child for one level after the another. If you feel that your child is enjoying learning our online course efficiently as well as our coaches are doing their job up to the mark, you can enroll for next level.

Will you conduct any test after finishing each level? Or full course?

No, this course is developed for learning by doing concept with fun. We believe student will enjoy learning this course at home and engage to develop different game and animation as per their interest and creativity.

Will my child receive certificate for this course?

If a child finishes all 3 levels of the course, s/he is entitled to get a course completion certificate from RFL.

What is your fees refund policy?

No, once you pay the fees, there shall be no refund under any circumstances. Child has to finish the course.

What next post corona outbreak?

We have variety of courses to offer to the students of age 6 to 18 years along with various International Robotics competition preparations. Kindly visit your nearest RFL center once things are back to normal.

Will you support my child for any query after finishing this course?

– Yes, RFL is always ready to support our student for any query. You can drop us an email at We will assist you within 48 Hrs.

You did not find a question that you were looking for in this FAQ?

Feel free to contact your nearest center head on the number mentioned in the leaflet!

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